(((Keebler Elves))) refers to a tweet dril made on June 28, 2016. It quickly created a firestorm of controversy that dominated Twitter discussion for days. It remains one of dril's most controversial moments as a content generator.

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Early in 2016, neo-Nazis on the internet began placing triple parentheses (known as "echoes") around the names of people that they thought were Jewish and/or people they wished to target for harassment[1][2]. After the practice gained attention among internet journalists, some Twitter users, Jews and Gentiles alike, would later add echoes around their display names as a sign of solidarity with harassment victims as well as to confuse and trick Neo-Nazis who employed such a strategy

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"i refuse to consume any product that has been created by, or is claimed to have been created by, the (((Keebler Elves)))"

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Dril used the afore-mentioned echoes process to serve as the main device of this tweet. By placing the brand name of the Keebler Elves into triple parentheses, the intent of dril's message is very clear. He is calling the Keebler Elves Jews, and therefore will not eat their cookies.

Although he never clearly stated his intentions regarding the tweet due to his unwillingness to break character, this fits into his pattern of satire regarding people who care entirely too much about brands; in particular, Nazis who get extremely mad online and would boycott a company due to perceived Jewish sympathies, with the usage of the Keebler Elves chosen to highlight the ridiculosity of it.

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Dril snaps at a troll in the heat of the controversy.

Given the sensitive nature of the topic as well as the identity politics-fueled climate of 2016, there was very swift and polarized responses. Some users who were familiar with dril's work understood the context of the tweet and responded accordingly, sometimes adding more fuel to the fire. A great number of users took the tweet at face value, believing that dril was prejudiced and some even believing that dril had just outed himself as a Nazi. Additionally, actual members of Nazi Twitter also believed dril was being genuine, and welcomed him into their circle[3].


Dril's sole attempt at extending a peace branch to the Elves.

Dril never offered clarification or an apology for his comments, which further complicated the debate.


Dril comments out of character on the matter.

On his Patreon, he would express his confusion over misinterpretations of the tweet, stating that "it was odd that of all the disgusting , terrible shit i say constantly thats the one thing people latched onto".

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