Digimon Otis is one of dril's ex-friend, and now sworn nemesis whose twitter account was created on the 9th of April 2012. DigimonOtis twitter is dedicated to thoroughly stoic contemplation discussions the success and future of the Digimon brand, as well as polemic jeremiads on the state of mainstream culture.

Tweets Edit


DigimonOtis on Hallmark.

Otis' tweets generally have more formal structure than dril, tackling politics and culture in a somewhat intellectual manner. He has a strong dislike of popular culture, being critical of Beyonce and others.

Relationship with Dril Edit

DigimonOtis and Dril initially enjoyed a seemingly warm and close relationship in the early days of twitter. This relationship entailed the following:

  • Supporting the Egyptian government during the arab spring.
  • Splits the money between DigimonOtis for all proceeds made from selling pictures of himself.
  • Recommended Kim Kardashian to marry DigimonOtis, if not him, given he insists they're nice people.
  • Tried to open up a barbershop with DigimonOtis and EpicWayne, although dril's fear of hair caused this plan to fall through.
  • Cooperating with DigimonOtis by threatening Missouri state for $40,000, or otherwise they will change their official dog to a dirty boot byhacking.
  • Calling for prayers after DigimonOtis fell into a coma from having his arm trapped under a beatlemania cabinent.
  • Respecting DigimonOtis' decision 'not to fuck' a synthetic cloaca.
  • Riding a three man bicycle with him and getting mad at each other.

Fallout with dril Edit


Dril's plead of friendship after falling out with him in 2012.

On 15th of October, 2012, unexplained reasons caused Dril to plead that he remains friends.

i am very sorry for all my bullshit @digimonotis i would like to be friends again please just talk to me
A peace treaty was proposed in 2012 to heal the relationship between Dril and DigimonOtis, but this fell through.]