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Current Twitter biography [since 2018-11-18] Edit

Past Twitter bios Edit

[Note: All bios since January 2017 have carried various links at the end and are cut here to accommodate for space.]

  • im always dippin my hands in new media and im crazy about getting my blog online and generating bigbux online with dynamic content. im persecuted constantly
    [c. 2012]
  • bullied by officers
    [c. Jan. 2014]
  • rat with human face given medal by world health organization
    [c. September 2014]
  • pregnant Hog measurer
    [c. mid-2015]
  • pregnant Hog measurer - cyberAngel , respecter of Clarity
    [c. fall 2015]
  • email me about men`s shirts
    [Oct. 2015]
  • emailing me is now a criminal offense
    [Oct. 2015]
  • A Back To Basics LifeStyle Brand - god is a Marine and every Marine is a god - Paws Off My Boots Boy - TruthHuman
    [Apr. 2016]
  • - respected Wife expert - Stressed Out Dullard - RED NECK Mafia - has Not used the toilet since 6/22/2011.
  • - respected Wife expert - has Not used the toilet since 6/22/2011.
  • millionaire wisdom daily - ex wife BLOCKED since May Of 2013 - proud son of a reformed slave owner
  • known by certain Users as ``The Visa Rewards Douschebag``
  • blocked by bubba burger for no reason
    [late 2016]
  • girls and police man helper ★ anti-drivers licesnes ★ running your mouth = blocked
  • creator of "Teletubby Shooter 2" - simpering fuck face - Ghoul
  • normal mans thoughts 2017 - chaoitic good ``SMART ASS``- verified by GOD -
  • chaoitic good ``SMART ASS``
  • intelligent thoughts in life that had become "Twisted" from dealing with the bull crap of worse posters
  • philosopy expert. Cruel Angel. warfare guru
    [early 2018]
  • classically trained Lifestyle's expert. Artisan. searching for wife please. Prick
  • master Journalist // famous inventor of the "bitter beer face" commercals // verified by God
  • ### free lance policeman/journalist proven "not racist" in the court of Law ### no head lice as of 5/2/2015
  • intellegence liker
  • ANGEL of posts - Opinion Respecter
  • ultimate world pain knower