The Boys are an anonymous collective group that dril associates with and occasionally references in his tweets. Little is known for sure about who or what The Boys are and what they do, but it can be inferred that much like Dril himself, they have a penchant for general mayhem and assorted mischief.

Fans have theorized that The Boys are a cabal of meth-heads, possible living with dril in a mansion or rooming house, and may not even be completely, if at all human.

List of selected activities in which dril and The Boys have partaken Edit

  • Gathering around the old oak tree and passing around trading cards featuring all of their dads
  • Going to a home goods store to laugh at all the toilets. (Saying "haha i really want to shit in there", etc.)
  • Watching each episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in reverse order
  • Shooting at a septic tank with airsoft rifles while the opening riff of Life In The Fast Lane by The Eagles plays on a loop
  • Not cooperating with dril as he organizes a 21-gun salute in memory of Pizza Hut's old brand
  • Meeting up with dril at the local Sears Department Store
  • Eating messy sandwiches, sneaking around with big binoculars looking for girls & letting every one know who runs this TJ Maxx
  • Deciding that the least gay way of wiping your ass is to dump a quarter bottle of Palmolive Spring Sensations back there
  • Discussing why McDonalds' brand has gone downhill, deciding that it is because The Hamburglar makes for a soft, lame villain in modern times, and inventing the McShitter (a villain who defecates on people's food) as a replacement character
  • Riffing on hours worth of stolen Walgreen's security camera footage
  • Holding hands, forming a Covenant Ring, to protest girls who only want to fuck the main pirate from the pirate movies.
  • Pooling together their total life savings of $1789.34 in an effort to rescue the failing Quiznos brand